REAL  - Italian Made Road Bikes 


 Relaunching a Legend

With a heritage as strong as Ciocc's we are aiming to develop a loyal following of customers with a real emphasis on the crafted quality of our bikes. With a wide range on offer including the stunning high end carbon Supremo and Devilry Race and a Vintage range of reissues from Ciocc's glory days, the brand looks set to make its presence felt once again ...and for the record, the original factory did build for a few other well known Italian names, so no more secrets there then!



Ciocc is one choice that reflects the spirit of Italian made frames. Nothing rides like an Italian bike. No other frames have passion and soul built into them like genuine Italian craftsmen instill into their frames.
As you move on in this collection of information, you will read about how the Italian bikes we represent are steeped in this mystique, how they are built with passion and unmatched workmanship, how they perform and ride unlike most other bikes. Basically we're going to peel off some of those layers of mystique. Artisan frame building is a lost art...but the frame builders at Ciocc are producing incredible products every day. 

To begin, we want to educate you a bit on tangible things like geometry, sizing and how we like to classify Italian style bikes into two groups - RIDING bikes and RACING bikes. All of our thoughts here are specific to the Italian bikes we love so much. 
Italian "GEOMETRY"

Looking past the mystique, passion and craftsmanship. One thing that stands out when comparing an Italian road bike to most others is the frame geometry. The geometry of a bike frame refers to the configuration of frame tubes and the angles at which they meet each other. A bike frame is basically made of two triangles, a front triangle and a rear triangle. A bike frame's geometry has everything to do with how the bike rides, how it feels, how it performs, how it responds to the rider's manoeuvres, how it climbs, descends and much, much more. The bike is designed to ride well and perform for long periods of time on a variety of road conditions. You can ride an Italian bike many different ways. You can hammer it on short sprints or you can lie back, pace yourself and wait for your opportunity to make your move or NOT you can just lay back for 5 hours if you prefer.

General Ride Quality and Personality of Italian Bikes

A fine Italian bike frame delivers a luscious ride. The Bike and rider are involved in a "dance" one reacting to the others movement to create a seamless, efficient flow. Italian bikes are fast. They ride with the best stability available. They climb well. When fitted properly to the rider, an Italian bike is as comfortable as it gets. A rider instantly has greater confidence and is a better cyclist when they are on a bike that has all these features.